Scoring Software Solutions

Scoring Software Solutions

Signopsys is the World leader in Cricket scoring software and our E-Score software has been used in the last 10 ICC Cricket World Cups.

Developed exclusively by Signopsys, the Cricket Scoring System software brings a powerful set of scoring and statistics handling tools to fully utilise the high-end display capabilities of our display hardware and any other scoreboards supplied.

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Cricket scoring systems
 ◊ Simple operation
 ◊ Logical data entry
 ◊ On-line or 0800 helpdesk
 ◊ Printable files
 ◊ Outputs to scoreboards
 ◊ Sets new standards in cricket scoring

Generate ever popular graphics such as Batsmen and Bowler's performance wagon wheels!

Game configuration at setup enables any type of Cricket to be selected including limited over and two innings games, Cricket Max or 8's.
Target variations due to weather or slow over rates are programmable. All databases are adjustable. Variations of no ball rules etc. are programmable.

Standard screen (Displayable Info and Statistics):

Full batting team list, runs scored, boundaries, balls faced, minutes, out order, out method
Full bowlers list, overs, maidens, runs, wickets, extras breakdown

Detailed extras
Detailed partnerships

Team scores

Score differential
Ball by ball over analysis

Fall of wickets
Last boundary scored

Scoring rate
Scoring rate required

Overs bowled
Innings scores

Facing batsman
Bowler bowling

Both batsmens career statistics
Bowlers career statistics

Partnership detail
Same over previous innings

Comparison score
Previous over score

This over score
Match highlight list

Innings indicator
Match header

Best over
Credits and copyright notices

Batsmens strike rate
Session analysis

Bowling spell analysis
Automatic career statistics

Previous innings icons

Batsmen - ball by ball analysis, balls from individual bowlers, runs scored from bowler, strike rate by bowler, scoring rate by shot, scoring shots.
Bowler - over analysis, runs per delivery, runs per over, runs per batsmen and strike rate, extras.
Partnerships - full details.
Match highlights in diary form.
Previous innings.

We have software for basketball, rugby, league, baseball, swimming, athletics, soccer, tennis, bowls and Australian rules. Software for other sports is under development.

If you'd like to know when software for a particular sport will be available, contact us with your details and tell us which sports you are interested in, and we'll let you know when the relevant software is available.

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