Here at Signopsys we offer a range of electronic scoreboard solutions for a wide variety of sports as well as the ability to custom build scoreboards to suit your individual needs. 

We sell 2 kinds of scoreboards:  basic scoreboards that are dedicated to only displaying numbers and full matrix scoreboards that are capable of displaying numbers and text in any arrangement.

Basic Scoreboards:
We sell a range of basic scoreboards for every sport. We can mix, match and customise it to look or function in a certain way based on your needs. Although less expensive compared to a full matrix scoreboard; our basic scoreboards are a cheap and effective alternative compared to traditional flip card scoreboards.  
All our scoreboards are waterproof, weatherproof, shock proof, and come with a wireless scoring remote.

Full Matrix Scoreboards:
The pinnacle of scoreboards.  Our full matrix scoreboards utilise matrix technology to allow you to display anything you want on a scoreboard.
You can use a full matrix scoreboard to display team names, time, scores, pregame messages, post-game messages, sell advertising space and even have a continuous scrolling message run throughout the period of the match. You can even display live scores of multiple matches that are happening at the same time.

Mobile big screen:
We are proud to hire out our 37sq meter, truck mounted, full colour big screen to the public. We have used it in the past to cover many sporting events including cricket, rugby, soccer and more. Our big screen can be used as a scoreboard, video screen and advertising screen all in one and at the same time. We also have a smaller 18sq meter option available.

Stadium sized screens:
If you’re looking for a large stadium sized screen then look no further than us. We are one of the leading suppliers in Au customer database for stadium sized replay screens and scoreboards include: Eden Park in Auckland, Waikato Stadium in Hamilton, Seddon Park in Hamilton, McClain Park in Napier, Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin, Invercargill Valeldrome in Invercargill in Sher-e-Bagla National Stadium Bangladesh, Forsyth Barr Stadium Dunedin, Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Stadium in Antigua, Windsor Park Sports Stadium in Dominica, West Indies.

For more information regarding our range of scoreboard please feel free to contact us.


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