High Definition LED Indoor and Outdoor Display Solutions

High Definition LED Indoor and Outdoor Display Solutions

Signopsys has the largest fleet of rental signs and scoreboards in New Zealand.  We consult, manufacture, sell and hire High Definition Big Screen Displays for events and venues all over the world.

Here at Signopsys we are the only company in the New Zealand to own and rent out a 37sq metre high definition, truck mounted video screen to the public.

We use  have used our big screen all over New Zealand covering many sporting events, expos, concerts, ceremonies, memorials and more.

Our set up includes a video screen that's truck mounted for mobility and ease of transport all over NZ, an onboard generator for optimal performance and guaranteed efficiency and a set of heavy duty speakers that produce explosive high definition sound without distortion.

One of the major differences that set us apart from our competitors is we utilise the precision technology of American engineered D3 video modules. These modules are one of the world’s highest grade; video capable screens in production.  No screen within NZ can come close to the crisp, clean and colourful display that D3 offers.  As a result you have a screen capable of displaying 43 trillion colours, clean and fixed clarity, dynamic viewing angles and a viewing experience so extraordinary that it’s impossible to turn away. 

Setting up our big screen is super easy and only requires 45 minutes of prep time thanks to our Rapid Deploy system.

Operation is even easier and we’re happy to send our technician down to keep an eye on things to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our big screen has multiple inputs and can display anything you want it to. It has the ability to display videos, live TV, act as a scoreboard and replay screen, run advertising, sponsors logos, messages and can mirror the image off a laptop.

Please contact us for more information. We are happy to travel anywhere around New Zealand and offer generous discounts on multiple day hires.

We also have a 18sq meter trailer mounted video screen available for those who are looking for something smaller and less costly. 

Pictured above: Our big screen set in use at Botany Town Centre for Christchurch Earthquake Memorial

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