Evolution III

Evolution III

New Product Announcement




Following on from the success of our Evolution I and II ranges of
LED sign display modules which lead the market for 5 years, we
have decided that we must again re-develop our systems to take
advantage of emerging technologies that can no longer be ignored.

Our EVOLUTION III design completely eliminates environmental
issues and is ideally suited to long term outdoors use for a wide range
of permanently installed and mobile LED displays.  EVOLUTION III
has the lowest costs of ownership of all LED displays through very low
power consumption, virtually no maintenance costs, longevity, high
and redundant brightness and simplicity of operation, and is backed by
Signopsys 25 years of experience.




EVOLUTION III Competitive Advantage and Unique Characteristics









  1. All pixel pitches in the same size panel, same design, and same structure and installation
  2. Industrial IP66 plastic case resistant to environmental, dust, humidity and lightning
  3. Proven after 5 years’ experience in outdoor application in hostile environments
  4. LED Panel size 305 x 610 mm x 35 mm - US Standard
  5. Module depth just 35 mm, weight: 3.5 Kg each, the industries lightest
  6. Completely waterproof design. Front and rear IP66. Free from moisture, humidity and dust
  7. Electronics operate in a vacuum environment increasing product stability by up to 95%
  8. Utilises energy saving super high brightness SMD and DIP LED Lamps
  9. LED life span substantially increased and improved energy of up to 40%
  10. LEDs operate under low current and generate little heat
  11. 16 BIT IC with built-in Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  12. Grey scale 65536, refresh rate range from 5,000 Hz to 10,000 Hz.
  13. Vivid video effect and non-flicker
  14. HD digital camera safe – non-aliasing
  15. Power supply separated from LED Panel for better heat dissipation
  16. Utilize UL approved IP 67 combined signal & power cables
  17. Gold plated contact pins with patented shrapnel design
  18. Robust PCB design, heavy internal wire and thicker PCB circuit by mobile phone provider
  19. No connector inside of panel
  20. All parts are highly integrated

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